HuntClan is a clan that always hunts, they never be battles. They sometimes goes to gatherings but never get into battles.

Own by General.


A mix of forests and open feilds.


Any prey.



Faststar: black tom with blue eyes and white paws. Really fast. RPed by General.

Apprentice Nosepaw


Arrowblaze: ginger she-cat with green eyes and white stripes. RPed by General.

Medicine Cat:Edit

Flashhunt: brown tom with blind blue eyes. RPed by General.


Bowarrow: brown tom with green eyes and black tail. Has a crush on Arrowblaze. RPed by Genearl.

Flyearth: white she-cat with blue eyes and black stripes. RPed by General.

Caveglass: white tom with green eyes and black patches. RPed by General.

Apprentice Fishpaw

Nosetail: blue/grey tom with green eyes. RPed by General.


Fishpaw: silver she-cat with blue eyes and white paws. RPed by General.

Former MembersEdit

Volefern: silver she-cat with green eyes and black stripes. Mates with Caveglass. RPed by General. Killed by a Rogue.

RPG CenterEdit

Nosepaw walks into the apprentice's den to see Fishpaw.All Benders 03:03, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

Faststar, Nosepaw, and Bowarrow came back into camp.

Faststar said, "May all old cats that can still hunt come out for a gathering. Today we help fight off a group of cats call MateClan. I want all she-cats to stay in camp to be safe and even though going against our code to not battle a young cat here had train hard and battle toughly. Nosepaw do you promise to show the ways of hunting and battling."

Nosepaw said, "I do."

Faststar said, "With the powers of MoonClan Nosepaw until you become elder you will be known as Nosetail."All Benders 21:14, July 7, 2012 (UTC)